March against Tory budget cuts – Wednesday 20 March

19 March 2013

March against Tory budget cuts

Protest: Wednesday 20 March

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On Wednesday 20 March when George Osborne gets up to make his budget speech up to a quarter of a million civil service workers will be on strike.

Public sector workers are on the sharp end of Osborne’s austerity agenda.

But millions more ordinary people are having their lives wrecked by a government that is determined to continue with ideologically driven cuts.

The latest Tory attack on the poorest in our society, the bedroom tax, brought thousands onto the streets last Saturday.

Jane Aitchison, leading PCS activist and joint secretary of Unite the Resistance said: 

‘We need to build serious opposition to every Tory attack. The budget day strike action by the PCS is a great start but we need to bring all the fights together’. 

Sean Vernell from Unite the Resistance said: ‘Osborne and Cameron’s budget is a declaration of war on the poor. We need to build a movement that can bring these attacks to a halt’.

The London region of UCU has initiated a budget day protest, assembling at 5.30pm at Kings College in the Strand and marching to downing Street.

At Downing Street an anti austerity rally is being held, co-hosted by Unite the Resistance and the Coalition of Resistance.

Speakers include: Caroline Lucas MP, Kate Hudson (CND), Zak King (Student acquitted last week), Jane Loftus (CWU) Ian Hodgson (BFAWU), Sean Vernell Unite the Resistance  and speakers from the Save Whittington campaign, Benefits Justice campaign and  Disabled People Against Cuts

Unite the Resistance has recently organised a thousand strong national conference for trade union activists and campaigners against austerity and a series of large scale regional events.

As Osborne launches another wave of attacks…

March from King’s College, the Strand to Downing Street.
Assemble 5.30pm
Called by UCU London Region

Rally at Downing Street from 6.30pm
Co-hosted by Unite the Resistance and Coalition of Resistance

• Defend jobs, services and education
• Hands off our NHS
• Stop attacking the welfare state


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