Home Office Victimisation of PCS Reps

3 March 2013

pcs-marchA PCS rep in the Home Office Merseyside Branch Kevin Smith was recently sacked after raising a grievance against his manager. PCS members were then balloted in support of him and industrial action started on Saturday. Reps reported a fantastic turnout on picket lines and a determined mood. Solidarity to them.

In the Identity and Passport Service (also part of the Home Office) London rep Jon Bigger has been surplus since June 2010. On being declared surplus he was told that every effort would be made to avoid his redundancy. Despite this and despite job vacancies he has now been given a Compulsory Redundancy Notice.

Action gets results

In Jon’s case people are asked to send a letter to the Home Office asking
that Jon be found a job like – there is plenty of work to do.

Unite the resistance gives full support these reps and all victimised trade unionists.

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