Dundee protest against the blacklist – report

10 March 2013
Over 200 activists took to the streets of Dundee today in protest against Blacklisting in the construction industry. The main focus of the demo was to highlight the fact that Sir Robert McAlpine, a main player in the Consulting Association are currently working on a publicly funded contract in the city.

Anti-blacklist protest, Dundee

Anti-blacklist protest, Dundee

Speakers at todays rally at Albert Square in Dundee were adamant that measures must be taken by the governments in the UK to introduce strict procurement legislation with regards blacklisting.The theme of the campaign is that no companies who subscribed to the blacklist and subsequently criminalised trade union members and H&S reps should be awarded any future government projects.

Jim McGovern MP spoke about the investigation by the Scottish Affairs Committee and that a full public inquiry must happen which was echoed by all speakers including Neil Findlay MSP, Rab Sherry of Unite, former Dundee MP John McAllion, Mike Arnott of Dundee Trades Council and Unite activist Jake McLeod.

Protesting at McAlpine site, Dundee

Protesting at McAlpine site, Dundee

A special mention must be made to retired and blacklisted Dundee electricians, Francie Graham and Steuart Merchant who organised todays event. Two very inspirational characters who deserve justice. The blacklist campaign will continue, not only to compensate those who have been wronged, but also to eradicate blacklisting in the future of young active trade unionists.



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