Congratulations to Max, Jawad & Steve

13 March 2013

Max Watson, Jawad Botmeh and Steve Jeffries have all now been reinstated at London Metropolitan University. This is fantastic news. Unite the Resistance would like to send its congratulations. Everyone who has taken part in the protests, meetings, and have signed letters and petitions should be proud of the role they have played.

Rally in defence of Max and Jawad, Weds 13 February

Rally in defence of Max and Jawad, Weds 13 February

Max posted on the Stop the Witch Hunt website today:

“I have been overwhelmed by your support and solidarity. It has been a humbling and inspiring experience to receive this level of support. I am proud and honoured to be your Chair and to be back at work today.”

It goes to show that if you fight the attacks you can win.

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  1. Catherine Wardle said:

    Congratulations and well fought!

    13 March 2013 at 7:53pm

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