PCS strike back against the cuts

9 March 2013

PCS strikes back against the cutspcs-march

March 20th is Budget day. We don’t know yet what George Osborne has in store for us all but we know it won’t be good.

PCS has launched a pre emptive attack calling all of their 250,000 members out on strike that day.

Unite the Resistance will be reporting from the picket lines and rallies through the day. Please send reports to info@uniteresist.org

We will also have a slideshow of picket line pictures from 9am. Please send pictures to period47moved@photos.flickr.com  and they will be automatically included.

The Tories have used austerity as a weapon against the vast majority of people and as an excuse to slash jobs, privatise and push down wages for the financial benefit of their super rich pals. Each Budget has been another attack on ordinary people.

Members of the PCS union have had enough. Since the Tories came to power they have seen thousands of their jobs slashed and their workloads increase, their pensions attacked and their pay frozen. 95% of them earn less than £25k a year – they just cannot afford to take any more hits and they don’t want to either.

Click here for a list of PCS rallies on 20 March


Give Britain a pay rise

Jane Aitchison from PCS said “Food and fuel costs are rocketing, our pension contributions have gone up and our wages haven’t. A lot of PCS members are genuinely fearful about what this government have in store for them next. Budget days have become a day to fear – yet it doesn’t have to be like that. On 1st April the super-rich earning over £150k will get a tax cut. In PCS we know there is an alternative.

The richest 10% earn 850 times what the bottom 10% earn. £123 billion of tax is uncollected – we say collect it in and give Britain a pay rise with it instead. We cannot just keep our heads down for another two years. It is time to stand up for ourselves again.

Lend your support on Budget day

PCS members are organising budget day protests all over the country – “In Leeds we met up straight after work tonight to organise ours. We have had fantastic support already from other Trade union members. Many of them want to strike back too.” says Jane.

PCS is urging everyone to get along to budget day rallies and protests. Unite the Resistance is giving its full support to the strike and to the protests. Frozen pay, pension cuts, the bedroom tax and price rises. The price of austerity is hurting everyone.

It is time that we all stood up in solidarity against the Tory cuts. This has to be the start of something bigger. PCS has announced that they are planning 3 months of protests and action. Unite the Resistance is calling on every union and protest group to link with PCS.

Unite resist!


Click here to download the London rally flyer

In the evening of Budget Day Unite the Resistance is hosting a protest rally – come and join us


More info at the PCS website


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