Whitstable ‘People’s Convoy’ to save Delivery Office Tues 5 Feb

4 February 2013

Local residents in Whitstable are organising a ‘People’s Convoy’ on Tuesday as part of the campaign to save their Postal Delivery Office.

Campaigners say that their convoy is to conduct a ‘scientific study’ into Royal Mail’s claims that the delivery office closure will make no difference to deliveries in Whitstable.

“All you have to do is put the leaflet in your car window, and meet us at Gorrell Tank Car park at 2.30pm this Tues 5th Feb, returning…. who knows when? And we will calculate how much fuel, time, mileage – and stress – it takes to do this journey (and park!).”

The campaign has produced a ‘Disloyal Mail’ flyer which you can download by clicking here.



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