Uniting the Resistance Haringey, North London

28 February 2013
Haringey TUC, the North London Trades Council, supported by Unite the Resistance, Haringey Alliance for Public Services and a range of other trade union and community activists held  a big anti-cuts meeting in Tottenham on 26th February.It sent a message that uniting the fight against Government cuts can bring hope to those who fear there is little they can do to stop relentless attacks on their communities and workplaces.

Over 150 trade unionists, anti-cuts and community campaigners heard from Carol Duggan a relation of Mark Duggan who was shot dead by police in Tottenham in August 2011, the journalist, broadcaster and author Owen Jones, Chair of the Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition Shirley Franklin and UCU Lecturers Union Secretary at Tottenham College Jenny Sutton.

The meeting agreed to support a range of activities including a march to protest against cuts at the local Whittington Hospital on 16th March and a 1000 Mothers march in Tottenham on April 23rd to focus on the impact of Government benefit cuts on families. A North London Conference of activists to discuss broadening resistance to Government policies was also mooted at the meeting

A wide ranging discussion from the floor reflected real debate about how to take the fight forward. All agreed that strike action was key, the issue was how to get union leaders to do something and what to do if they wont. Some backed the idea of a Peoples Assembly to bring together activists and union figures to discuss how to fight. Others felt that while that would be a good forum if the union leaders cant be pressured into fighting then union members will need to organise and act independently.

The debate will continue but in the meantime the meeting provided a real boost to those organising resistance to the-Government in North London


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