Unite the Resistance in Scotland conference 9th March

20 February 2013

The ConDem government’s Austerity spending cuts continue and from April they plan to make it even easier to sack workers. Also millions, both in and out of work, face savage welfare and housing benefit cuts. As a result of the ‘bedroom tax’ six hundred thousand people with ‘too many’ rooms will lose money.

Official representatives of the PCS, EIS-FELA and the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union will share platforms with trade union activists, leading disability rights activists and anti-poverty campaigners.

Unite the Resistance believes an urgent co-ordinated response from our trade unions is required. We need to debate and discuss how we can defeat the ‘bedroom tax’ and get the strike movement back to the scale of the 30 November public sector mass strike, turning words about a general strike into action.

There will be free entry to the conference but we are asking individuals/trade union bodies to consider making a donation to assist with costs and subsequent activities. If you are able to make a donation please send a cheque payable to “Unite the Resistance Scotland” to Unite Scottish Housing Branch c/o Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association, 1 Northinch Street, Glasgow G14 0UG.

Register for the conference by sending name & contact details to unitetheresistancescotland@gmail.com.

To ensure everyone who wishes to attend the conference can do so email UtR by Wednesday 6th March if you wish child care support, either child-minding costs or a professionally run creche, on request.

Saturday 9th March – 11.30 til 5pm

Renfields St Stephens, 260 Bath Street

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