PCS members: Vote to strike back against this rotten government

6 February 2013

Last week the Government announced the result of a review of all terms and conditions of Government workers but has refused to negotiate with the union over this so called review.

Ballot papers were immediately sent out this week to 250,000 public and civil PCS contingent on Oct 20servants who are members of PCS to ballot them for strike action as a response. They are being urged to vote Yes, Yes for strike action and a work to rule. PCS members are getting angrier every day. Last year they were forced to pay more for worse pensions, a 3 year pay freeze has left many struggling  – now it is obvious that their jobs are being ripened for privatisation. They won’t let that happen without a fight.

Jane Aitchison PCS rep and Unite the Resistance joint secretary said, “Jobs are being cut, conditions are being squeezed and PCS members are being asked to do more and more for less and less. We’ve had enough. We are proud public servants. Everyone has seen how shabbily the private sector performs. We won’t stand by and watch our jobs turned into mac jobs and the public we try to serve ripped off by yet more money grabbing private sector cowboys. My members are voting Yes to strike.”

The ballot runs from 8th Feb –  4th March. The PCS national executive meets immediately afterward to consider calling strike action. A strike on Budget day March 20th looks likely.

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