Over 160 at Camden Benefit Justice launch

16 February 2013

Over 160 people packed a Camden Benefit Justice meeting last night (14 Feb).  Tenants, parents, trade unionists, disabled people, are planning a march through Camden, a network to resist evictions, and pressure on the Council and other landlords not to evict anyone in arrears due to Benefit cuts.

Camden Benefit Justice launch

Camden Benefit Justice launch


Benefit Justice campaigns are spreading fast and with a bit of organising, every area could see meetings like this.

The national Campaign for Benefit Justice summit event on 9 March in central London, will bring together tenants, disabled people, trade unions, the unpaid and the low paid. It is supported by PCS and Unite unions alongside Defend Council Housing, Disabled People Against Cuts, tenants and community organisations, Right to Work and Unite the Resistance.

Contact BenefitJustice@gmail.com or  via info@defendouncilhousing.org.uk or Mail@dpac.uk.net to sign up for the 9 March summit, affiliate and donate to the campaign, and organise a local  campaign meeting.

Benefit Justice Summit, Saturday 9 March, 11am-4pm University of London Union, Malet St WC1E 7HY


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