Model Motion: For a National demonstration to defend the NHS

4 February 2013

Pass this model motion in your trade union/ campaign/ organisation

This body notes:

1. The very future of the NHS is at threat:
• Huge cuts in public services are threatening hospital and community services up and down the country with closure.
• Thousands of NHS jobs have been cut threatening front line services whilst the pay and conditions of NHS staff are under the most serious attack ever.
• Private companies now run significant parts of our NHS for profit, and the 2011 Health and Social Care Act will accelerate that process further with services in whole hospitals and areas being readied for privatisation.

2. There has been massive opposition to the attacks:
• There have been huge local protests against closures, with health workers beginning to fight back, and unprecedented numbers of people taking some form of action against Lansley’s Health bill.
• There have been two particularly notable flash points of this growing opposition. The first was the 25,000 strong march in Lewisham in January 2013, which followed a number of big local marches across the capital against NHS closures in the autumn. The second is the strike of NHS admin workers in Yorkshire who having taken a total of 9 days strike action since November 2012 and are escalating to a ballot of the entire 3,000 members across the branch.

3. A serious national campaign of action is urgently needed backed by the trade unions and the Labour Party.
• Trade union activists and anti-cuts campaigners want to join a fight back but need far clearer calls from the leadership of the working class movement for action now, not just after the next election.
• We note the public support of the Labour Party for the repeal of the Health and Social Care Act. We urge the party to make this a firm manifesto commitment, as well as pledging to reverse privatisation of existing health services by bringing them back into the NHS and to end the principle that ‘any qualified provider’ should be allowed to bid to deliver health services.

We call our trade unions at every level to:

• Give maximum support for campaigns and strikes against cuts and privatisation.
• Campaign for nationally coordinated action.
• Give national campaigns such as Keep Our NHS Public the support and resources they need to continue their work.
• Call and mobilise for a national demonstration in defence of the NHS in 2013 to highlight the threat the to the health service and to help coordinate and build the campaigns and the action to defend it.”

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