LFEPA stand firm against Boris Johnson’s fire service cuts

12 February 2013

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) welcomed yesterday’s decision of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) to again block proposed fire service cuts that will see the closure of 12 fire stations, the removal of 18 fire engines and the loss of 520 firefighter posts.

This is the second time that the authority has voted against the cuts. The emergency meeting was called as the commissioner attempted to get the LFEPA to delegate authority to him to begin consultation on the cuts.

The meeting was once again greeted by a lobby of noisy firefighters!


Following the last vote against these cuts at the LFEPA London mayor, Boris Johnson, pledged to force the cuts through. The latest vote is a further blow to his plans. The fight is now on to stop the closures and the cuts.

FBU regional secretary, Paul Embery said, “The cuts would mean 4.7 million Londoners across twenty boroughs waiting longer for a fire engine, and that is dangerous and wrong. It’s about time the mayor grasped the nettle and abandoned his reckless plans.”


On the evening of Monday 11 February a big public meeting of over 70 people took place to save Clapham fire station (click here to read the story). This shows what is possible in every area facing fire service cuts.

The latest FBU materials can be found here

Click here to download the Unite the Resistance petition to support the firefighters


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