Howdens’ drivers take their protests to shareholding companies

7 February 2013

64 HGV drivers are being sacked by Howdens Joinery Group/ DHL. They have been given 30 day notices. Many of the drivers have worked for the company for twenty years. No reason whatsoever for the sackings has been provided by Howdens and the company are refusing to meet with Unite representatives.

Drivers have been staging a series of protests in recent weeks. On Thursday 7 February, drivers’ travelled down to London and their protests hit some of the major shareholders’ buildings in the City of London. These included Black Rock and Cazenove.

Drivers have pledged that the protests will continue until Matthew Ingle, CEO of Howdens, speaks to the union. Ingle is on an annual salary of over £500,000!

Howdens' drivers protest outside Black Rock, one of the companies' major shareolders

Howdens’ drivers protest outside Black Rock, one of the company’s major shareolders

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