Gove on the Ropes – Knock Him Out

10 February 2013

This has been a bad week for Michael Gove. First he performed a U-Turn on the

E-bacc, a proposed change to the education system which would see a return to a grammar school type of education, where the arts, technology, sport, drama and music would be considered second class subjects. He has to make a U-turn because a coalition of trade unions, head teachers, subject organisations and other bodies joined together and campaigned vigorously as a united force. Then over the weekend Gove’s real agenda for education has been exposed through a leaked memo, which shows that he is considering the outright privatisation of Academies and Free schools, currently 10% of the education system. In yet another story he is being accused of misleading parliament about his knowledge of a case of bullying in his department.


Gove is in a weak position and unions should now step up their campaigns over pay and conditions.

The London Region of the NUT and London Region UCU have both backed a demo on Weds 13th March at 5.00pm to the Department For Education.

This is to coincide with the European day trade union of action against austerity. It can provide an opportunity for us to build momentum in the teachers’ pay campaign and for all those who wish to protest over the privatisation of our public services and the condem cuts.


Gove Must Go Protest – Assemble Wed, 13th March Cathedral Piazza, Westminster Victoria St. 5pm

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