Electricians’ protests return to Teesside

7 February 2013

Rank and file electricians, members of Unite on Teesside, are stepping up action on the construction sites. Teesside was one of the places which saw action over the BESNA dispute. This time construction workers are protesting not in defence of their wage, but against the blacklist, continued victimisation on sites by the bosses and lack of union recognition.

On Monday, around 80 electricians met on the outskirts of Middlesbrough, within about 15 minutes of the start of the protest the traffic was backing up, and leaflets were being distributed to workers caught in the traffic. There was a good atmosphere with people going car to car, and receiving broad support.

Also present were representatives of the PCS union who had their banner, showing solidarity with the Unite members present. There is a feeling of confidence, and there is a growing realisation that unity wins victories, crucially the recent past action by the electrician’s shows that the strength is on our side.

A Unite rank and file construction meeting follows later this week, followed by the promise of more action on sites who continue to deny union access.

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