Budget Day protests against Austerity

9 February 2013

The London Region of UCU has called a demonstration on budget day, March 20thOct20. (details to be finalised)

The budget will see the next round in the assault against working people by the Tories and their Lib-Dem friends.

The UCU in London is calling on other unions and campaigning organisations to join the protest.

The 20 March could well be the day that 250,000 civil service workers, members of the PCS, strike against Tory attacks.

Unite the Resistance has called for a protest rally at Downing Street and has approached other organisations to work to build the biggest possible event.

Unite the Resistance has also called for protests across the country on the day and for solidarity events with the ETUC day of action on 13 March.

London Divisions of the NUT have already called for a protest, assembling at Trafalgar Square and marching to the Department of Education on the day.

Let’s make it a week to remember for the Tories. From 13-20 March let’s light the fires against austerity.

And let’s fight to make sure that strikes by the PCS are just the start of the kind of wave of action we’ll need to stop the Tories.

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