Unite the Resistance in Scotland planning meeting

7 January 2013

For a general strike against austerity. Turn words into action! Trade union and anti-cuts campaigners invite you to an initial planning meeting on Saturday 12th January in the Piper Bar on George Square, Glasgow (11am) to discuss establishing Unite the Resistance (UtR) in Scotland in 2013.

We wish to explore whether there is support to launch UtR with a major event, possibly towards the end of February in Glasgow, and to create local networks of trade union and campaign activists. There have been a series of very well attended conferences held south of the border (see http://uniteresist.org/#).

Last September’s TUC Congress voted by 4 to one to consider the ‘practicalities’ of a general strike against Tory austerity. Meanwhile, George Osborne’s latest budget statement unleashed another onslaught against working people. Austerity is set to last till 2018 and beyond. Now the ConDem government have put measures into place from April, to make it even easier to sack workers, with a bare 6 weeks’ ‘consultation’. Also millions, both in and out of work, face savage welfare and housing benefit cuts.

We urgently need a co-ordinated response from our trade unions. On 14 November, millions of workers across Southern Europe took part in a general strike against austerity. That’s the kind of mass action we need here. UNISON Scotland’s recent call for “co-ordinated strike action” to resist Austerity should be widely supported. http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/index.php/news/content/view/full/126740

It’s time for the General Council of the TUC to turn words into action. If you would be interested in putting your name to an initial letter to go to thousands of trade unionists in Scotland, and/or getting involved from the start in planning/building UtR activities in Scotland, please reply to unitetheresistancescotland@gmail.com

Many thanks.
Yours fraternally
Graham Campbell (BARAC), Michelle Campbell (PCS Scottish Govt. Group Exec Committee, pc), Neil Davidson (Vice Pres. of UCU at Strathclyde University, pc), Iain Ferguson (UCU Scotland Exec, pc), Nicola Fisher (EIS Exec & NC, pc & Chair, Glasgow STWC), Donny Gluckstein (EIS-FELA National Salaries’ Convenor), Penny Gower (EIS-FELA President), Jim Harte (UNITE, R & F M & E Construction Branch), John Kelly (EIS-FELA NEC pc), Claire Lyall (Vice-Convenor, Glasgow City UNISON Social Work Stewards, pc), Jim Malone (Regional Organiser, FBU, pc), John McArdle (Black Triangle Campaign), Angela McCormick (EIS – FELA NEC), Cheryl McCormick (Unison National Service Group Exec Community Sector, pc), Steven McGhie (Branch Treasurer and H&S Rep, Unison Forth Valley Health Branch, pc), Charlie Mackinnon (Glasgow EIS Committee of Management, pc), Jacqueline McGarvey (EIS-FELA Branch Sec, Coatbridge College), Derek Milligan (Remploy GMB shop steward, pc), Andrew Nyondo (EIS-FELA Branch Sec. Dumfries and Galloway College of FE), Dave Sherry (Branch Sec, UNITE SHA Branch, SC151), Duncan Smith (Chair, City of Edinburgh Unison Branch, pc), Margaret Woods (Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees)
Supported by Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts Black Triangle Campaign, Right to Work Campaign, UNITE Scottish Rank and File M & E Construction Branch, UNITE Scottish Housing Associations Branch (SC 151)
to Work Campaign, UNITE Scottish Rank and File M & E Construction Branch, UNITE Scottish Housing Associations Branch (SC 151)

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