Teachers’ New Year Resolution for Gove? – ‘Resign’

3 January 2013

A survey conducted by the NUT has revealed a huge drop in the morale of the goveteaching workforce. The survey, run by Yougov, asked ‘What I’d like Michael Gove to make as his New Year’s resolution ,’  Unsuprisingly  many answered ‘resign’ with the next most popular response being for the Education Secretary to value, trust and listen to them.

Over 800 teachers took part in the survey. It found that 75% of those asked who are working in Academies and Free schools do not think the Academy programme is taking education in the right direction.
69% of respondents felt that morale had declined since the General election in 2010 and 71% felt never or rarely trusted by government (compared to 54% under Labour).
79% of those working in Academies did not agree that Headteachers should determine the level of individual teachers’ pay rises.
Just before the break, the government announced the intention to impose performance related pay on teachers, declaring the end to nationally agreed pay scales. This will see thousands of teachers lose pay and will lead, as it has done in further education, to a lowering of teacher pay.

It is  vital that the teacher unions meet the challenge of Performance Related Pay with a campaign to inform teachers and parents about the reality of how these cuts will affect education and with a programme of action that can defeat this attack on pay and conditions.

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