PCS to ballot 250,000 workers

16 January 2013

The National Executive of the Civil Service union PCS voted on Wednesday 16th PCS contingent on Oct 20January to ballot its 250,000 members for strike action after the government has refused to negotiate over cuts in pay, pensions and working conditions.

This comes after PCS members in the DWP voted to strike over plans to make 43 people compulsorily redundant, the first compulsory redundancies in the DWP.

The PCS says

“A plan announced in the autumn to review all civil service working conditions could lead to longer working hours and fewer family-friendly policies. The four-year pay freeze and cap, and increased pension contributions, would cut pay by 16% on average by 2014.”

The union is balloting from Friday 8th February to Monday 4th March.

This is the sort of response we need to a policy of austerity which continues to see attacks on pay and working conditions across the public and private sector. Every trade unionist should applaud the PCS decision and call for their own union to take a similar stand.

Click here to see the PCS statement


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  1. Phil Johns said:

    Thank you PCS for fighting for all of us.

    Come on TUC get behind the PCS. The attacks will not stop until we stand together and give the government and its flunkeys a bloody nose.

    Call it what you like, but call it now.

    General Strike

    17 January 2013 at 3:58pm

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