PCS members in DWP vote to strike

10 January 2013

PCS members have voted to strike to resist the first compulsory redundancies in the PCS contingent on Oct 20DWP.

The vote was 65.1% for a strike and 83.2% for action short of a strike click here for ballot results

Despite millions of unemployed and a double dip recession threatening to turn into a triple dip recession and huge impending benefit changes, this callous Tory government have slashed staff numbers and axed over 20 Job centres and benefit offices as part of their attack on jobs. 43 of the lowest paid staff – many of whom are disabled – have not been found other roles in this process and instead have been issued with compulsory redundancy notices.

PCS is demanding:

  • All redundancy notices are immediately withdrawn
  • Guaranteed Job security for all
  • More staff to protect vital services

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