NUT reps in West Yorkshire vote unanimously to strike for pay, pensions and the future of the kids they teach

27 January 2013

Despite heavy snow 30 NUT reps went to the latest reps meeting in Leeds on NUT demo picSaturday including reps from Derbyshire, Calderdale and Wakefield.


Ian Murch NUT national treasurer gave a presentation on the terrible things the Tories were going to do to teachers’ pay. Reps at the meeting were overwhelmingly in favour of calling strike action and opposed to the recent NUT executive decision not to call any.


A young teacher from Wakefield said “You name the day we will build the action, but we can’t do that without a date this term.” The rep from South Derbyshire made a very moving speech about the effects of the Tories’ attacks on education and told how 2 pupils in her school had tried to commit suicide due to the pressure of the exam system. She concluded that this is why we need action, not just for the sake of our pay and pensions but also for the future of the pupils we teach.


The meeting voted unanimously to call on the NUT executive to overturn their decision not to call action.


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