Model motion for trade union branches: TUC General Strike consultation

8 January 2013

Model motion for trade union branches:TUC march Oct 20 austerity placard
TUC General Strike consultation

This trade union branch notes the continuing attacks on the welfare state, pay and jobs by the Tories. The scale of the assault means that the trade union movement urgently needs a coordinated response if we are going to effectively resist austerity.

This branch welcomes the resolution submitted by the Prison Officers Association (POA) and passed by the TUC’s 2012 Congress: “Resisting austerity measures
Congress welcomes the Future that Works demonstration on 20 October 2012 and recognises this as being an effective platform and foundation to resist the damaging austerity measures that are damaging the very fabric of our society in Great Britain.

Further, Congress recognises that after the demonstration there needs to be a strong voice from all the TUC affiliated unions to protect public and private sector workers, the unemployed, our children, the elderly and all those in our society who are vulnerable.

Congress accepts that the trade union movement must continue leading from the front against this uncaring government with a coalition of resistance taking coordinated action where possible with far reaching campaigns including the consideration and practicalities of a general strike.

This branch further welcomes the consultation, now being conducted, by the TUC of its affiliated trade unions. Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary Designate has asked that unions respond by 21 February 2013.

This union branch/ committee strongly endorses the call for a general strike against austerity and calls on the TUC to organise this as soon as practically possible.

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