Stop the Jobs Massacre on our High Streets

16 January 2013

JOBS MASSACREThe 2 weeks since Christmas have seen a jobs massacre on our High Streets with 10,000 jobs lost or threatened.

  • Jessops closed down 2 weeks ago with the loss of 1,370 jobs
  • On Tuesday 15th HMV collapsed with 4,500 jobs now at risk
  • On Wednesday 16th Blockbuster collapsed with 4,190 jobs at risk

As the Tory austerity measures continue to bite and hundreds of thousands of job losses are threatened in the public sector. Honda in Swindon plan to cut 800 jobs. In this situation more High Street companies are likely to collapse.

When the banking system faced collapse the government took some of them over and poured billions of pounds of taxpayers money in to prop them up. If it’s good enough for the banks, why not every other business that is driven to the wall by government policy?


Workers in 2 HMV shops in Limerick have occupied their shops in response to the closure threat.

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