DWP PCS Members ballot to strike to defend Jobs and Services

2 January 2013

PCS members across the Department for Work and Pensions are now being PCS contingent on Oct 20balloted over the very real threat of compulsory redundancies.

Despite millions of unemployed and a double dip recession threatening to turn into a triple dip recession and huge impending benefit changes, this callous Tory government have slashed staff numbers and axed over 20 Job centres and benefit offices as part of their attack on jobs. 43 of the lowest paid staff – many of whom are disabled – have not been found other roles in this process and instead have been issued with compulsory redundancy notices. If Jobs cannot be found for them they will be sacked – some on January 31st – the rest in May. There is plenty of work for these staff to do – they are all fully occupied now with meaningful work and that work could easily continue if management wanted it to.

Callous management
The most senior DWP manager, Permanent Secretary Robert Devereux wrote to PCS saying ” We should through our actions now ensure everyone takes seriously any future period of meaningful consultation.”

PCS members demanded to be balloted for strike action. They are making sure that their seriousness to defend their jobs and the services they provide to increasingly desperate jobseekers and benefit claimants are protected by voting YES YES in massive numbers now.



PCS is demanding:

  • All redundancy notices are immediately withdrawn
  • Guaranteed Job security for all
  • More staff to protect vital services


There are 2.5 million reasons and more to win this ballot.

The ballot runs from 12/12/12 – 10/1/13. Action will be kicked off with a strike on 21/1/13. Soldarity to these members preparing to unite and resist in 2013.

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  1. Julie Roberts said:

    After working for the DWP for over 26 years I can honestly say it’s managers who should be answerable to the public.
    They sit in warm snug office’s dictating to front line staff. Putting them under immense preasure to meet targets at any cost. The biggest looser is the public in all of this.

    20 March 2013 at 9:12am

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