Bromley binmen to strike to re-instate 4 sacked workers

16 January 2013

Refuse workers in Bromley will strike on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd January to unite flagdemand the reinstatement on 4 sacked workers.

The 4 were sacked in October and the 120 strong workforce refused to leave the depot. Following a ballot they were due to strike over Xmas after a deal appeared to have been agreed. The 4 workers were due to return to work on Monday 14th January but the council have reneged on the deal.

Unite Regional Officer Onay Kasab says

“We now call on all our members to take action, primarily to get justice for the four but now more importantly to show that Veolia and Bromley cannot make an agreement and then simply refuse to abide by it.”


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  1. Phil Johns said:

    You can never trust any bosses. The reason that they are bosses is that they can’t be trusted. We must defend each other and show the bosses that we will never accept the unacceptable. Our work is their profits. Without us they are nothing and we need to regularly make sure they understand this relationship. Victory to the Bromley refuse workers. You are an inspiration. Solidarity (Phil in Plymouth)

    17 January 2013 at 3:44pm

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