New Pamphlet: Trade Unions and the fight against Austerity

1 December 2012

Over 1,100 copies of the new Unite the Resistance pamphlet: “The Trade Unions and the Fight Against Austerity” were sold at the Unite the Resistance conference.

It is edited by Sean Vernell with a foreword by John McDonnell MP.

The pamphlet is a useful tool for trade unionists. Order copies priced £2 each and a special offer of £15 for 10.

Price & postage

Or send cheques payable to “Unite the Resistance” c/o 1 Bloomsbury Street , London , WC1B 3QE


As a movement, we desperately need to start fleshing out a

coherent alternative to austerity, and building a strategy to

mobilise around it. This pamphlet is a crucial contribution to

doing just that, and will help spur us on not only to debate

– but also on to action.

Owen Jones author of Chavs – The Demonisation of the

Working Class


To defeat the attacks on our local services, people’s rights at

work, and their own members’ jobs, pay and pensions, trade

unions are going to have to organise and find new ways of

working that harness their greatest strength: their members

and activists.

Mark Serwotka PCS general secretary


After decades of fighting for equality we are seeing the gains

we’ve made stripped away by the con-dem coalition. We need

to see equality not in the distant future but in our lifetime.

Trade unions have a crucial role to play in challenging the

injustices ordinary working people face. This pamphlet is a

very useful guide for all union activists who are fighting cuts to

focus on the issues we face and how we can fight back together.

Zita Holbourne co-founder and national co-chair of Black

Activists Rising Against the Cuts

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