UK uncut protests 8th December

21 November 2012

UK uncut have called for protests at Starbucks after they were exposed as tax dodgers.

At the Unite the Resistance conference on Saturday 17th November we voted to support the UK uncut protests.

As it says on their site –

“If the government took strong action to stop tax dodging by companies like Starbucks- who haven’t paid any income tax for the last three years- we could easily afford to prevent the £5.6m being cut from violence against women services, the 25% cut to funding for Sure Start centres and the further £10 billion benefit cuts.

“Is your local rape crisis centre being closed? Then why not turn your local Starbucks into a refuge? Bring your kids, because 50% of people living in refuges are children. Housing benefit cut? Bring your sleeping bags. Are you working less hours because subsidised childcare is a thing of the past? You could set up a Starbucks crèche.”

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