Teachers strike as management bullying forces escalation of action

4 November 2012

Members of the NUT and NASUWT teachers’ unions at Stratford Academy, east London, are set for further strikes against pay cuts imposed by school bosses in an attempt to stop them taking part in national action over pay, conditions and workloads.

The two teaching unions have teamed up nationally to take action short of a strike.

Union members are implemementing this across the country by boycotting certain duties, particularly targeting work involved in government initiatives.

But at Straford Academy in Newham, management has tried to intimidate union members. NUT and NASUWT members were told to email the headteacher to say they would not take part in the national action – and those who refused had 15% of their pay docked.

Union members responded by escalating to a strike last Thursday, and are now set to strike on Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 November, with a three-day strike planned for the following week if the school bosses don’t back down.

>> Send messages of support c/o Stratford Academy NUT rep Steve Charles

Union members at other schools are also preparing to escalate to strikes against management threats.

NUT and NASUWT members at Highcrest Academy in Buckinghamshire, Deptford Green school in Lewisham and Ridgewood School in Doncaster are also set to strike in defence of their right to take part in the national action.

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