Conference: South African miner will speak on strike against global giant

10 November 2012

Unite the Resistance is proud to announce that Tumi Moloi, a striking miner from South Africa, will speak at our conference on Saturday 17 November.

Tumi is a strike committee member in Rustemburg, where 30,000 platinum miners working for Amplats – a subsidiary of global mining giant Anglo American – have been on strike for two months.

This is a chance to hear firsthand about a crucial international struggle.

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Class battle

Tumi works at an Amplats shaft close to Rustenburg. He led his shaft’s 4,500 workers out on strike in September. He is a member of the Rustenburg strike committee (now being reconstituted as the Rustenburg workers’ committee).

For the last three months, the Rustenburg area has seen bitter class battles between striking miners, the police and the bosses of the multinationals.

The massacre of 34 miners by police at Marikana in August revealed the brutality used against workers who fight for their rights. Despite the massacre of their comrades, the Marikana miners won a great victory against bosses at UK-based company Lonmin, securing a big pay rise and building up their organisation.


The Lonmin strikers’ demand of 12,500 Rand a month inspired workers across the industry.

Workers in the nearby Amplats platinum mines are demanding a wage of 16,000 Rand (£1,150) a month. They have defied waves of attacks.

In October, police used teargas, stun grenades, rubber bullets and live ammunition against thousands of striking miners after they barricaded a road to stop police assaults.

Tumi has previously been active as a youth leader in his local civic township organisation, fighting for homes to have electricity supplies and sewerage systems.

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