Protest 5th December: No more Tory Austerity

26 November 2012

At the Unite the Resistance conference on Saturday 17th November we voted to build for protests across Britain against austerity on 5 December, the day of the government’s “autumn statement”.

Join the London protests:

March from King’s College, the Strand to Downing Street.
Assemble 5.30pm
Called by UCU London Region
Rally at Downing Street

From 6pm
Hosted by Unite the Resistance

Speakers include:

Christine Blower NUT gen sec

John McDonnell MP

Kate Hudson CND

Owen Jones author, Chavs

Andy Greene DPAC

UK Uncut


Plus speakers from fights across the capital:

Connaught School strike, Lewisham Health Campaign, Amnesty International strike and London Met

Click here to download the London protest leaflet

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  1. A said:

    Looks like a good list of speakers. Would be good if it included some more grassroots groups. Like the group that are occupying a library in friern barnet. they are fighting the cuts in Barnet-where the council are selling 70% of the public services. It has had local, national and international press and has alot of support. Links with protests like this really help those on the ground.

    5 December 2012 at 3:12pm

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