London and Leeds: action against fire service cuts and closures

28 October 2012

Firefighters are set to demonstrate in Leeds and lobby MPs in London against savage cuts to fire services.

The firefighters’ FBU union has called a demonstration on Saturday 3 November in Leeds, against plans to axe 11 West Yorkshire fires stations. This follows closure of 10 stations last year, which were replaced by only five new stations.

In London, the Tory mayor Boris Johnson wants to slice £65m off the fires service budget. The plans would mean shutting 17 fire stations and sacking 600 firefighters.

The cuts plan, leaked to the BBC, is due to go before London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority on 22 November.

FBU London regional secretary Paul Embery, said

These proposals present the biggest threat to the London Fire Brigade since the days of the Luftwaffe and
would lead to the decimation of fire cover in London.

We do not believe that cuts of this scale can be achieved without there being an impact on public safety, and we call on Londoners to join with us in defending our fire service.

Protest against the fires cuts

Leeds: Saturday 3 November
Assemble 12.30pm, Leeds art gallery for march

London: Lobby of parliament on Wednesday 7 November.

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