Defend education: support striking lecturers at UEL, Thursday 18 October

17 October 2012

UCU members at the University of East London (UEL) will stage the first of a series of strikes on Thursday 18 October.

Members of he lecturers’ union at UEL are striking to cut workloads – they work the longest hours of any university academoc staff in Britain, according to a UCU survey of universities.

The lecturers’ heavy workloads hit the education of their students. The UCU branch says:

Our students say they want adequate staffing, sensible class sizes and well motivated lecturers. We agree – by protecting workloads we also aim to protect student interests. The UEL Student Council is backing our campaign.

Now the university wants to give managers a way to increase workloads even more, adding to individual lecturers’ work without equity, transparency or comparability across the university as some departments are stretched more than others. This has serious consequences for teaching and learning.

The UCU members are determined to stop the continual increase in workloads and defend their students’ education.

How you can help

Support the strikers’ picket lines on Thursday 18 October. You can reach the picket lines in east London on public transport: Docklands Campus – Cyprus DLR, Stratford Campus – Stratford Central Line tube and overground lines.

Please send messages of support to UCU branch secretary Jacqui Mitchell.

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