Call for action against austerity: 14 November and 5 December

31 October 2012

Trade unionists and campaigners are set to protest against austerity on two key dates – the European TUC day of action on Wednesday 14 November and the day of chancellor George Osborne’s autumn statement on Monday 5 December.

Unite the Resistance’s steering committee, which met last Thursday, called for trade unionists to support action on these dates.

14 November

General strikes are set to take place on 14 November across Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy and Cyprus. The European TUC’s slogan is: “For jobs and soldarity in Europe – no to austerity.”

In France, five trade unions are now calling for solidarity protests with the southern European general strikes on N14—the CGT, the CFDT, FSU, the UNSA and Sol­idaire.

Here, some PCS branches are already discussing 15 minute protests outside their workplaces on that date and are calling on the PCS nationally to call action. The move by Whitehall trade unionists began with a vote by the Defra Southern branch, and other branches are expected to vote to join in.

UtR is encouraging other trade unionists to follow the PCS members’ example and join protests against austerity and in solidarity with workers across Europe.

5 December

George Osborne is set to deliber his Autumn Statement on 5 December – to announce the Coalition’s latest round of cuts.

Unite the Resistance is organising a demonstration opposite Downing Street on the day, to ensure that Osborne’s statement is met with what it deserves — a proetest against the austerity regime.

Model motion

Unite the Resistance has a model motion for trade union branches, to back protests on 14 November and 5 December – and to support our national conference on 17 November, which is set to bring around 1,000 trade unionists together to discuss how we can take the fight against austerity forward.


  1. paul murphy said:

    Demonstrate? Come on, that has never worked and never will. its all just still playing the game. If you want to stand up, do it by sitting down, that’s right. Stay at home, don’t go to work for even a dayn if we can get everyone, the whole nation to just stop playin the game they will have no choice but to listen.don’t wait for beurocratic union leaders to say its ok, just don’t go. FREFUSE!No waiters, no train drivers, bus drivers , cooks, shop assistants , joiners, electricians, noone! Not a single person goes to work and thay collapse in a day! Take a lead from iceland and throw them all out!

    31 October 2012 at 11:53pm
  2. Johnathan Sharpe-Smith said:

    If the Union bosses want to drag their feet over a day of action on the 14th, let all the rank and file walkout. And if the Union bosses still won’t acknowledge their obligations, let all the rank and file withdraw their Union fees for one month.

    1 November 2012 at 7:03pm
  3. Andrew Burgin said:

    Facebook groups for protests across Europe on November 14th
    #EUROPE :


    Event Général :

    Namur :
    Liège :


    HauptevenT :

    Lokale Events:

    # FRANCE

    Event Généraux :

    Amiens :
    Bordeaux :
    Caen :
    Clermont-Ferrand :
    Grenoble :
    La Roche sur Yon :
    Lille :
    Lyon :
    Marseille :
    Montpellier :
    Perpignan :
    Paris :
    Poitiers :
    Rennes :
    Strasbourg :
    Rennes :
    Toulouse :


    London :



    # SPAIN

    Salamanca :
    Las Palmas :

    1 November 2012 at 8:17pm

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