Unison and GMB delegates at TUC back general strike resolution

9 September 2012

Unison and the GMB delegations to the TUC congress will support a motion calling on the TUC to ‘explore the practicalities’ of a general strike against austerity.

The delegates of giant public sector union Unison and the GMB, which has both public and private sector members, threw their weight behind the resolution proposed by the prison officers’ POA.

The TUC’s general council was split down the middle over the resolution at its meeting on Tursday 6 September, with 16 votes for and 16 against.

But the Unison and GMB delegates’ backing as the TUC congress gets under way in Brighton suggests momentum is now solidly behind the moves to consider an anti-austerity general strike.

The two unions are both more cautious than those such as the civil service PCS and teachers’ NUT that have spearheaded the anti-austerity campaign so far.

Both Unison and the GMB joined the mass strike over pensions on 30 November last year, but their leaders backed a poor deal with the government, just three weeks later.

The fact that they are now supporting moves towards a general strike signals a step forward for all those fighting austerity.

>> Campaign resources for the TUC’s 20 October demo against austerity

>> Unite the Resistance conference to discuss the fight against austerity after the 20 October demo


  1. nick grant said:

    This is great news. So many workers can see with their own eyes – and pockets – that the austerity and privatisation policies of this hated ConDem government are attacking us all in one way or another.

    The fantastic booing of Ministers at the Paralympics epitomises a general mood to kick these arrogant, cruel, know-nothings out of office.

    A general strike would be a brilliant demonstsration of workers’ unity and a prelude to more effective action against the privileged way of life capitalists enjoy at everyone else’s cost.

    9 September 2012 at 8:52pm
  2. Peter Wicks said:

    Just one,we are weak,millions shift
    governments,in Parliament we speak.

    If labour is not behind us, then its time to shift them to…

    Power to the People

    9 September 2012 at 9:29pm
  3. andrew duff said:

    So their “looking into it” obviously its an opportunity but also they remain in complete control of movement forward and backward at this time (a la pensions.)Until the class profoundly moves ever more shall be so. The backing of the top tables positive demands followed by an activist conference to try and maintain momentum(or build cadre) seems a lifetime away from a real proper set to v ruling class

    11 September 2012 at 1:43pm

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