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30 September 2012

Rank and file electricians are organising against attempts to break union organisation on the Crossrail building project in London.

They have staged a series of flash protests and pickets at the Tottenham Court Road site – the largest construction project in Britain – with more action planned.

The sparks, who fought off the bosses’ attempt to smash their pay and conditions under the Besna scheme earlier this year, are determined not to let the employers come back with victimisations and attacks on union organisation.

The militancy of the sparks’ dispute was an inspiration to other groups of workers as they defeated Besna with a surge of unofficial action.

How you can help

Now the rank and file electricians need yoyr support. They are appealing for donations to help sustain their campaign. Please make cheques payable to “Joint Sites Committee” and send to 70 Darnay Rise, Chelmsford CM1 4XA.

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  1. John Williams said:

    The Sparks are one of the Shining Lights in modern British labour history. Keep it up and let’s see you win again.

    3 October 2012 at 9:00pm

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