Sparks win reinstatement of rank and file activist Stewart Hume

7 September 2012

Rank and file ‘sparks’ in the construction industry have today won the reinstatement of victimised activist Stewart Hume.

Earlier this year, Stewart played an important role in the fight against Besna – the package of attacks on electricians’ terms and conditions launched by the major construction firms.

The ‘sparks’ won the battle against Besna after a fantastic campaign of militant unofficial action by rank and file electricians across the country.

But the bosses have since been trying to pick off activists like Stewart.

The rank and file activist, an electrician at the Grangemouth power station project, was made redundant by Balfour Beatty after 16 years’ service, although managers said there was plenty of work on the site.

In response to this victimisation, rank and file activists began to organise protests at Balfour Beatty sites around the country, demanding Stewart be reinstated by Monday 10 September.

On Friday afternoon, Stewart heard that he will be back at work on Monday, for at least the next four weeks.

The action to reinstate Stewart follows an anti-blacklisting protest held at Balfour Beatty’s Glasgow headquarters, organised by the Blacklist Support Group.

The company – a ringleader of the Besna attack – is still hurting from the defeat of its plan to slash pay and hammer working conditions. Now it has been beaten again!

Congratulations to Stewart and to all those who organised in solidarity with him. As Stewart says: ‘Solidarity gets results!’

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