Save our hospitals demo: London, 6 October

30 September 2012

NHS campaigners will march from Shepherds Bush Green to Charing Cross Hospital in a bid to save hospitals in North West London that are threatened with savage cuts.

The Keep Our NHS Public has urged an all-London mobilisation for the demo on Saturday 6 Octoberm following a 5,000-strong march in Ealing and other big protests over the NHS in Brent and South London in recent weeks.

At least nine A&E departments and hospitals across the capital are threatened with closure across the capital, the campaigners say.


Saturday 6 October
Assemble 12pm, Shepherds Bush Green
March to Charing Cross Hospital

More information:
>> Save Our Hospitals (includes demo leaflet)
>> Keep Our NHS Public

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  1. John Williams said:

    Stick it to Cameron and the ConDems; keep our NHS public!

    30 September 2012 at 9:33pm

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