Unite rank and file construction workers’ meeting: Sat 11 August

7 August 2012

Rank and file construction workers have called a meeting to discuss the way forward for trade unionists in the building trade on Saturday 11 August.

Earlier this year, a fantastic campaign of militant unofficial action by rank and file electricians across the country saw off a huge attack on their pay and conditions by the building contractors, who wanted to impose worse terms in a package called Besna.

But the meeting – ‘The struggle continues’ – will discuss where to go now. Rank and file workers are concerned that the bosses will try to launch a ‘Besna Mark 2′ attack on pay and conditions.

They will also discuss the campaign against blacklisting in the construction industry. Victimised workers have launched a £600m mass legal action against contractor Sir Robert McAlpine, but there are continuing problmes with blacklisting and victimisation.

Cases include sparks’ rep Jason Poulter at Ratcliffe power station, as well as trade unionists booted off jobs at the Olympics site.

Elsewhere, there are problems with employers ignoring national agreements. As the rank and file workers say: ‘We need to keep up the pressure.’


2pm to 5pm, Saturday 11 August
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

All construction workers and supporters welcome

For more details, email the site workers.

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