Remploy workers to stage five-day strike at Chesterfield and Springburn

22 August 2012

Local trade unionists support the Remploy picket line in Chesterfield, July 2012.

Workers at two Remploy factories – in Chesterfield and Springburn, Glasgow – will strike for five days from 3 September as they try to secure their future.

Members of the GMB and Unite unions staged two successful days of strike action against the threat of closure at Remploy sites across the country last month.

The strikes were solid and picket lines were well supported by other trade unionists.

How to help

>> Rush messages of support to the Remploy workers via Kevin Shand (GMB Chesterfield) and Phil Brannan (GMB Springburn). Give them your backing as they start their five-day strike.

>> Send donations to the strike fund. Please make cheques payable to ‘GMB’ and send to GMB, Grove Hall, 60 College Grove Rd, Wakefield, WF1 3RN.

But a third strike day due on 6 August was called off, in favour of lobbying.

And last week, the factory closures began, throwing devastated workers on the dole. The government intends to shut down or sell off all 54 Remploy factories.

But at Chesterfield and Springburn, workers face a sell-off and are striking to protect their terms and conditions. At present there are no guarantees that new owners will respect the workers’ pension and redundancy payment rights. Workers could lose huge sums if they are laid off after a takeover.

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