TUC demo, 20 October – resources and links

10 July 2012

UPDATED: 23 July

The TUC has called a march against austerity in central London on 20 October 2012. It is a key date for every trade unionist and activist fighting the government’s austerity attacks.

>> Download leaflet here (colour pdf)

There are lots more posters and leaflets on the TUC’s A Future that Works website.

Trade union Unite has also produced a range of materials including leaflets, posters and stickers for the demo, in bright red with the slogan ‘I’m marching’.

You can download them from Unite’s demo page.


The demo will be massive – transport is already being organised by many unions at local and regional level. To give an idea of the scale, by mid July, trade union Unite has already put on trains from Darlington, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester and Preston.

Trade unionists can check with their own union’s branches and regions to see if they have booked trains or coaches. In some areas, branches of different unions are coordinating across towns and cities to book transport and mobilise for the demo.

We are posting details of these coordinating meetings on this site as we hear of them – check the diary on the home page for details.

There is likely to be increasing demand for transport as the demo date gets nearer – and it’s important to encourage more people to go. Noone should be unable to join the march for lack of a coach seat.

We urge trade union branches and activists to organise transport from their areas for the demo and to make places avaialble for anyone who wants to join the march.

>> Go here to download a sign-up sheet to help mobilise for the demo in your area

Some coach details are now being added to the ‘False Economy’ website, which includes a link where you can add your own. At present, this site is showing only a small proportion of the transport that is running.

More resources

We will update this page with more campaign resources and links to help build the TUC demo as they become available.

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