British MPs back Spain’s striking miners after UtR conference

4 July 2012

MPs in Britain have backed an early day motion supporting striking miners in Spain after campaigning MP John McDonnell and a striking miners’ union rep met at the Unite the Resistance conference held on 23 June in London.

Striking miner Segundo Menendez Collar lit up the conference with an electrifying speech about the struggle by 8,000 miners, who have been on all out strike for more than a month and have occupied pits and town hall buildings.

The early day motion, launched by John McDonnell – a longstanding supporter of workers in struggle who also spoke at the conference – declares the MPs’ backing for the miners’ 250-mile march from the mining areas to Madrid. They are due to arrive on 11 July, to bring the battle to save their jobs and communities to the Spanish capital.

Segundo’s union, Corriente Sindical d’Izquierda Asturies, announced the motion on its Facebook page, explaining that it had been presented to pariament by John McDonnell after discussions with the union rep at the Unite the Resistance conference. Here’s their post in Spanish:

Moción presentada por John Mcdonell en el Parlamento Británico en apoyo a la minería, como había confirmado al responsable de CSI de Cangas del Narcea, Segundo Menéndez Collar en la Unite Resistance Conference.

>> How you can support the striking miners

In dispute? Tell us

If you are on strike or in dispute, please tell us and give details of where to send messages of support and donations.

Email the website editor and we will put out a call for solidarity.

Please include your phone number for us to get in touch (we won’t publish it).

The conference brought together those involved in the public sector pensions dispute and other workers fighting against austerity in disputes over pay, cuts and job losses – along with Segundo and other international speakers – to discuss how to take the fight forwards.

We hope to be able to help build more links and solidarity between activists and trade unionists fighting austerity.

>> Watch video of Segundo Menendez Collar, John McDonnell and PCS leader Mark Serwotka’s conference speeches

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