Emergency UtR meeting was a big success

16 January 2012

Last Saturday’s conference (14 January 2012) was a great success. Over 400 (423) activists crammed into the small hall in Friends Meeting House to discuss the next stage of the pensions battle.

Mark Serwotka (PCS general secretary), Kevin Courtney (NUT deputy general secretary) and Karen Reissmann (UNISON NEC PC) made important speeches outlining the problems we face and their plans to restart the campaign. You can watch their speeches on video here

The meeting adopted this motion and one amendment was also caried.

The meeting then broke up into sectors – health, education, local government, civil service and 6th Form Teachers. This allowed delegates the chance to discuss the campaigns in more detail and co-ordinate future actions.

Over the next month UtR will be holding meetings across the country. As Saturday’s meeting showed the battle to save our pensions is still on.



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