Conference and meetings: reject the pensions ‘deal’, more action now

19 December 2011

The 30 November strike was a brilliant show of strength and solidarity by up to three million public sector trade unionists determined to knock back the government’s attack on our pensions.

Many of those trade unionists are now shocked and deeply unhappy to hear that the TUC and leaders of some unions may be prepared to agree to a deal that falls far short of what is needed on all the main points.

UtR on tour

We will have more details and news of further meetings shortly – please check back.

Unite the Resistance meetings

Plymouth – Saturday 14 January 10.30pm – 4pm, venue tbc
Bristol – Monday 6 February 7pm, venue tbc
Glasgow – Thursday 9 February 7pm, venue tbc
London conference will take place on Saturday 18 February 11am – 4.30pm
Manchester – Wednesday 29 February 7pm, venue tbc

The government’s new deal includes no extra money. They still want public sector workers to work longer, pay more for their pensions and get less when they retire.
It still means a 50% rise in contributions, a retirement age of 68 for those now aged 34 or under, and a cut for all current pensioners as payments are indexed to the CPI instead of RPI inflation measure.

Unite the Resistance is holding a series of meetings around the country and a conference in London, bringing trade union activists together to discuss how we can ensure that the new offer is rejected – and how we can organise further action to defend our pensions in the new year.

The 30 November strikes showed we have the power to force the government back – let’s use it to win a decent deal on pensions.

Come to the meetings and London conference to organise the new year fightback.

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